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Universal Script πŸ“Œ Uploaded by dsgdfs dsgdfs
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NOTE EVERYTHING IS CAPS SENSITIVE and you prob want to check console by /console or F9 if something doesnt work error will be provided amd if not join discord https://discord.gg/xwy5Cu62Vw Now that these Variables are in Place all you have to do is do something like Speed(999) Changes walk speed to 999 or TeleportToPlayer("testplayer") is to teleport to a player obviously where test player is where you would put theyre real full username not display name teleport to CFrame is so lets say you do this and open F9 to show console or just type /console in chat print(Location) that will get your location as the first 3 numbers x,y,z so if you do Teleport(x,y,z) and replace x,y,z with the first 3 numbers you got then you will teleport to that location and it will stay the same ok now teleporttopart is a pretty advanced one so what you will need to do is open up dex and go to workspace and things that are parts and there names so TeleportToPart("Partnamehere") and it will teleport you to that part Another script sorta like this: https://scriptblox.com/script/Universal-Script-EZ-Functions-10584 Last Updated 3/23/24 Added autofill and no cap sensitive and added bring player and made a all function and added loopbringplayer and loopteleportplayer

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