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gang up on people simulator

Script Verified
Verified Script
Best Script Is Back and can make people loss all data again

gang up on people simulator Uploaded by Dark_Hero Dark_Hero
2 years ago
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Main(AutoFarm Cash,PizzaFarm,IceCreamFarm,Auto Slap,Auto Kick, Auto Stomp) Guns(Get Shotgun,Get Pistol,Get Bar Stool, Get Lockpick) Server(Call Police All,Make Server Laggy,Make Server Loss All Data,Crash Server) Replication (Spam Soda Machine,Replication UI) Fun LocalPlayer(Server Hop,Rejoin,Anti AFK,Walkspeed,JumpPower) To use server you will need 350 cash 300 slaps Recent Changes: Added Lock/Unlock All Houses,Added Close/Open All Houses,Added Pizza/IceCream Farm,Maked Gui not open more than once,Added Knife To The Weapons,Fixed Autofarm not launching after death,Returned Server Section, Fixed Some Minor issues,Lava now gets destroyed when script is executed,Added Anti-Sit For Autofarm,Added Anti-AFK Into LocalPlayer,Added Auto Deposit Toggle Script Credits: Me UI Lib: Kavo UI Library

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