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a dusty trip [CLASSIC❗️]

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a dusty trip [CLASSIC❗️]Uploaded byEVilDragon EVilDragon
2 months ago
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- Bring Items - Spawn buildings - Mod Guns - Troll Other people (Noclip, invisible, bring player, control player) SERVERSIDED - Tools (cactus spawner, ballon spawner rope spawner) SERVERSIDED - Mutant Autofarm and much much more Little Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDzA-OX7ti8 (Solara Version) Get Premium Script on the discord (supports Solara, normal version only for emulator) https://discord.gg/erudite Credits to thacy & grubyy2

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Goated script, everything works (PERFECTLY)

2 months ago
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I cant get the key

2 months ago
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It has a key system

2 months ago
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Key broken

a month ago
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