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Wizard Simulator


Wizard Simulator Uploaded bypenguin586970 penguin586970
a month ago
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https://github.com/P3nguinMinecraft/WizardSimulatorGUI Fast Manage Pets By specifying a pet slot you can equip, unequip, or delete the pet Chest QOL Purchase pet chests from anywhere in the world, skipping the animation Ability to reroll pets from a chest (by deleting them) Quest Manipulation Give/cancel any quest in the game Toggle to automatically give you the Training 2 quest for easy farming Potions Pick up potions (mana and health) from anywhere in the world as long as it is loaded and exists Toggle to automatically pick up potions at any threshold Autofarm Autofarm any enemy in the game from a stationary location Configurable delay, range Option to give the Training 2 quest for AFK farming Option to Recharge at 30% Mana (requires Gamepass I think) Tracker Tracks Gold and XP gains, resettable and togglable Tools Walkspeed and Jump Power sliders/toggles Links to many universal scripts Keybinds for most features idk how to change the keybind ingame so its quite unusable right now

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wizard simulator
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