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Switch roles ingame NON FE

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The script lets you switch roles in-game, unfortunately.. It doesn't actually lets you switch roles. But let me explain some values. 0 = [TRANSLATION ERROR] 1 = Survivor (useless meat) 2 = Hunter (Lumina animations, but still useless meat, cant counter block and lumina punch) 3 = Vampire (You get to know who vampire is, your stamina doesn't depleed when running, night vision, able to eat bodies. DO NOT LET THE ANIMATION TO FINISH, SINCE IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY LET YOU EAT THE BODIES, immunity to some vampire abilities. Fire and ice trip) Vampire doesn't let you activate vampire form unfortunately. But if you combine the vampire role and "Get the vampire body" script (Which is this you get to have the vampire animation, and yes. Everyone sees the animation. So go have fun or smth idk lol. Note: If you switch back to your original role (Example: Hunter) you still get to use the lumina powers, and you still get to have the night vision and know who is the vampire, but your stamina will depleed when running.

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