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So uh, its basically the "Instant transform" script i did, but this was discovered rn. So what you gotta do? 1. Execute the script (dont forget to put a bind) 2. You need to be a vampire. (The reason why, is that you get to transform while as a dummy, the game teleports you and puts all stuff needed on you, Hair, shirt pants and stuff. But it doesn't change your eyes and stuff that vampires have, THE VAMPIRE'S SKINS ARE MORE EFFECTIVE THAN DEFAULT ONE! SINCE THOSE GIVES YOU THE MORE SEEABLE PARTS OF THE SKIN) 3. After round ends and you were a vampire, during intermission use the instant transform script. 4. If done correctly you'll see "VAMPIRE FORM ACTIVATED" above your hp bar, if its there, it worked. Notes: The eye color wont be red or different colors, they will be set the color you put on your character. Which means, you'll have like blue, pink or green eyes while you have a vampire body. Body skin on default vampire skin wont be white unfortunately, but the eyes will be vampire look. If you were infected, the game will ALSO give you the infected trail, everyone can see it. Jump height and walking speed is changed, but the stamina will still depleed. You can combine vampire skins for something epic! For example.. Ghost + Werewolf = Ghost wolf Devil + Fallen Angel = Dengel? Zombie + Ghost = Zombie ghost And moooore!

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