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Untitled Hood Uploaded by laderite laderite
a year ago
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replace UserName with your main account's username execute the script on a alt and yeah you can execute on the same pc, seperate laptop, a phone too commands: - kill! <displayname> - autokill! <displayname> (glitchy, say it again to toggle it off) - knock! <displayname> - bring! <displayname> - save! [displayname] (don't put a displayname if you want to save yourself - summon! (bring's the stand to u) - follow! (follow's the commander) - unfollow! (unfollows) - drop! (drop's the person its carrying) - reset! (reset's the stand) - rejoin! (rejoins the stand, incase if it gets glitched) - autostomp! (autostomp's every user that gets knocked, say it again to toggle it off) - add! <displayname> (adds them to the stand so they can use it. rejoin the stand to get rid of added users) -- Usage: command! [displayname] (displayname is not needed for save, and all features, and you don't need to fully type it out) if you're gonna steal at all or spread it around, give credits please

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