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This script aims to create a hub supporting most games while also containing the most powerful GUIs for those games. As this script includes other scripts it's 100% ad-free, therefore a person can grab the script and start exploiting with it instantly without going through any adverts or needing a key. Supported Exploits: Synapse X (This script may work with other executors) If only the discord notification pops up that means your exploit does not work with the script. Make sure you join a supported game. Supported Games: Pet Simulator X Arsenal No-Scope Arcade Phantom Forces Strucid Custom Duels Giant Simulator Da Hood Anime Fighting Simulator Kat Slap Battles BIG Paintball Bad Business Zombie Attack Adopt Me Goal Kick Simulator Combat Warriors starving artists Timber Ro-Ghoul Mining Simulator 2 Animal Simulator PLS DONATE Brookhaven Fruit Juice Tycoon: Refreshed Bedwars Sword Simulator Grand Piece Online The Wild West Bee Swarm Simualtor Your Bizaree Adventure SharkBite Base Battles Project Slayers ZO ぞ SAMURAI DOORS Race Clicker Parkour Rainbow Friends Evade Aimblox BETA Slime Tower Tycoon Infectious Smile Rat Washing Tycoon Energy Assault <---------> The script gets updated every γ€°2 weeks During that time new games are added & every game is checked to see if it's up to date If there are any problems with the use of scripts please contact me on discord for removal, unfair Hub provides daily users for your script with no monetization. Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/5BVNssF6AJ

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