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Universal Script πŸ“Œ Uploaded by Imperial Imperial
a month ago


FREE - OPENSOURCE - KEYLESS YARHM yet another random hub menu A new exploit hub, with an easy-to-use UI, mobile-friendly, and free. Features: - Modules The different sub-menus in YARHM is called modules. They make creating exploits for other games super easy. - Minimal detection Official YARHM modules is often not detected, both game-wise and player-wise. So you won't get banned, while keeping your huge ego. - Customizable Because of YARHM's opensource nature, you can make your own YARHM module. It's as simple as making your own YARHM Module in a Lua file, host it somewhere (like GitHub) and add your custom module in YARHM. Supported games: - Flee the Facility, featuring ESP like PC, Players, Beast, etc. - Murder Mystery 2, featuring ESP like Players (Murderer and Sheriff shown separately), and dropped gun showing you where a gun is dropped at. Also lets you automatically make a shot towards the murderer if you have the gun, and more. And more to come! YARHM is still very very new. Bugs are expected. If you know a bit of Luau, come and take a look over the repo! :) https://github.com/Joystickplays/psychic-octo-invention

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