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Universal Script šŸ“Œ

Webhook Script Execution Notifier

Universal Script šŸ“Œ Uploaded by venox venox
2 months ago


This script sets up a logging system via webhooks to Log details like player and game information, execution time, and the user responsible for triggering the script. Features: Script Info Player Info Game Info Join Player WEBHOOK PREVIEW: Script Info: āœØ Script: [Script name] ā±ļø Complete Timestamp: [Timestamp of script execution] Player Info: šŸ§ø Username: [Username of the player] šŸ”‘ Display Username: [Display name of the player] šŸ“… Join Date: [Date when the player joined Roblox] šŸ‘“ Account Age: [Age of the player's account in days] šŸ’± Premium: [Premium status of the player] šŸ’» Executor: [Information about the executor] šŸŖŖ UserID: [UserID of the player] šŸ¤– Device: [Device type of the player] šŸ–‹ļø Profile Link: [Link to the profile of the player] Game Info: šŸŖ§ GameName: [Name of the game] šŸŽ® GameID: [ID of the game] šŸ”— Gamelink: [Link to the game] Join Player: [Lua code for joining player]

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