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Key System

Survive HUB Loader

Universal Script 📌 Uploaded by laziumsp laziumsp
2 months ago


This Script HAS Key System! (For Mod/Staff This Script using Lootlab + Bstlar for Key System it basically easy than Linkvertise) You also can get the key from the GUi after executed. How to Get KEY : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6o7RR5zGkc How to Get KEY : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6o7RR5zGkc How to Get KEY : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6o7RR5zGkc Games Support : - Pet Simulator 99 : Nousigi Hub, Zap Hub, Sky Hub, Banana Hub - Blox Fruits : Redz Hub, HoHo Hub, Zen Hub, Visual Infinite Money / Level / EXP, Mukuro Hub, Alchemy Hub, Annie Hub, Fai Fao Hub, Tsuo Hub, Cokka Hub - Toilet Tower Defense : Reaper Hub, Buang Hub, Legend Handles - Pet Catchers : Nexus Hub, Nousigi Hub - Sol's RNG : Sol's RNG Panel, HoHo Hub, Legend Handles - Murder Mystery 2 : Eclipse Hub, Hellruptance, Nexus, TBao Hub - The Strongest Battlegrounds : Reaper Hub - a dusty trip : Grey Gui, Legend Handles Miscellaneous - Game Teleport : Allow you to teleport any game that this script is support. - Rejoin Server - Hop Server - Join Lowest Server - Infinite Yield FE - Dex V3 - Simple Spy - Freecam : Left Shift + P to Activated This script is the Loader (aka Everything loader) The Script is not made by me All Credit go to the Creator of the Script. For the staff or mod i have look to the key system which is completely safe/easy for the user 1. I Use Keyrblx it an key provider to validate the key from the user and lead the user to next step of the key system which is bstlar. 2. I use bstlar which has only Subscribe + Like & Comment that gonna take estimated 30s and it gonna lead to LootLab. 3. I use LootLab it like an linkvertise but it don't need user token and the task is only Read Article estimated 20s and it gonna take you back to the keyrblx page to give user the key to use on the key ui. This Key System are Legit and not fake, dear staff/mod.

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blox fruits
toilet tower defense
sols rng
pet simulator
The Strongest Battlegrounds


This script's key system is at https://rbscripts.net/survivehub_getkey/. If you don't recognize the link it is advised to practice extreme caution, as it is your responsibility to ensure your device's safety. Would you like to proceed?