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Player Script Logging Bot Token

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Player Logging Is A Script That U want to know who Currently Using Your Script. Webhook Are Very Vulnerable To Hooking And Can Be Self Delete So I Made Version That Uses Bot Instead Webhook Kinda ( Safe ) i tried to Hook using Sniffer and it only log The Api Of Discord which where message sended ( Im not saying It's Full Proof There A Lot way To Hook It Just Need deeper understanding) Also Please If u Gonna Use, Use Different Bot Like u Have A bot for moderation And u want to use it too ad Logging Don't. As I told It wasn't Full Proof About Hooking And Giving the Bot Permission Is Can Damage Your Server so Im requesting u to do this Step Do : Give Bot Permission Only ( Send Message), (Read Messages History ) and other related to message that doesn't need moderating perm The code Variable are Pretty Self Explanatory In First Photo was Self Explanatory and the second was Example Added HWID so The Owner Of Script Can Ban The User from script Using HWID of Player To Prevent them using alt From same Phone In authorization Getgenv() might be confusing about secret it mean Token Of Bot and Channel is where the bot gonna send messages Also Do Loadstring Obfuscations So other People Can't see ur Token and the token not gonna messed in ofbuscation do , Open Pastefy website -- Pastefy is safest Way to Hide your code people can't find ur raw code what ever they do, Create file Put the code and get raw After getting raw Put it in Loadstring Then The Loadstring Obfuscate It After Obfuscated go whatever website u want to paste the Ofbuscated Loadstring of ur logger do git beter and now ur done U Can put it in each og your script If u were still don't know what to do join my dead server and open ticket ping ikura0 https://discord.com/invite/KA7Y9P4Jss

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how to use it

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