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Key System

OrzPanel v1 dot 6

Universal Script 📌 Uploaded by OrzScript OrzScript
2 months ago


Made by OrzScript V1.2 = --//Other Content//-- [+] Short Key System [+] Good And Understandable Key System --//Content//-- [+] Fedora Admin [+] Infinite Yield [+] FireService Fly GUI [+] FE Sound Player [Work at a pizza place only] [+] Tiger Admin ( Key System ) [+] FE HUB V2.4 V1.3 = --//Content--// [+] Updated FE HUB V2.4 to FE HUB V3.1 [+] REDzHUB [ps99] [+] Remove Egg Animation [ps99] [+] Cook room fucker --//Misc//-- [+] Added Page 2 --//BUG FIXES//-- SOME BUTTONS ARE NOT APPEARING FOR SOME POSITION ERRORS V1.3 IS GONNA FIX THIS = Fixed ! V1.3.5 = --//BUG FIXES//-- [+] VULNERABILITY ELIMINATED [+] FIXED KEY SYSTEM ( PASTEBIN SERVERS DOWN ) [+] FIXED UI NOT LOADING ( PASTEBIN SERVERS DOWN ) V1.4 = --//CONTENT//-- [+] FEAG [+] Energize R6 & R15 [+] ChibaHub (DOORS) [+] OPFinality V1.5 = --//SECURITY//-- [+] Added an automatic anti client kick ( works on most of the games ) --//CONTENT//-- --Main Page [+] Updated Tiger Admin [+] Added Auto Claim Credits [Pull A Sword] [+] Added FPS Booster --Page 2 [+] Added Reviz Admin [+] Added FE Hub 2 [+] Added M1 Script [Work at a pizza place] [+] Added Fling All [+] Added FE Da Hood Script [+] Added FE Destructed_Hex --//BUG FIXES//-- [+] Fixed Some UI Bugs V1.6 = --//Key System//-- [+] New Revamped Key System Website [+] New Key --//CONTENT//-- --Page 1 [+] Ro-Xploit 6.0 ( DigMuffy ) [+] Control Muffy [+] Walk On Walls FE [+] XybGui v1.5.6 Public [+] c00ladmin v2.8.2 [+] IceHub [+] Bladeball Script ( BEDOL Keyless ) --Page 2 [+] UTG ( Ultimate Trolling GUI ) --//BUG FIXES//-- [+] Fixed Anchor Player Bug

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This script's key system is at http://orzpanelkeysystem.carrd.co. If you don't recognize the link it is advised to practice extreme caution, as it is your responsibility to ensure your device's safety. Would you like to proceed?