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Universal Script 📌Uploaded byghostbustersfan565 ghostbustersfan565
2 months ago


READ ALL TEXT! A free script hub for Roblox. Supported Games: Arsenal, Counter Blox, Unit: Classified, Unit 1968, Typical Colors 2, BIG Paintball, Project Lazarus, Zombie Attack, Pistol 1v1, Scythe Simulator, Laundry Simulator, and Funky Friday. Not made by me original github page: https://github.com/c0deblox/Noob-Hub (WARNING: the script i put in the scriptbox may be for one game and one game only, so go to the github page to get the script for the game you want.)

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Also the guy has another section of scripts that has a bigger range of stuff in his github, so check it out

2 months ago
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Also this script was made near 2019 so that's why there are some games you've never heard of

2 months ago
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