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Universal Script 📌 Uploaded by vxsty vxsty
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Allows you to steal GUI (Graphical User Interface) inside games for free! How to use? Execute the code. Now, there are 3 functions saved. getgenv().stealui, getgenv().stealgui, getgenv().uiaslua Pick one, I'm going to use stealui local UIPath = game.CoreGui.RandomGui print(getgenv().stealui(UIPath)) What this does is prints the UI Code, You can copy it instead of printing by doing: setclipboard(getgenv().stealui(UIPath)) UPDATE V1.0.1: Changed it so its another line after every new instance so its easier to read Now instead of going down a new line whenever a textlabel or textbutton have '\n' in them, It shows as \n. UPDATE V1.0.2: Decompiling! Script will now include LocalScripts & ModuleScripts that are inside guis as functions Fixed the bug where instances with spaces or -'s in their name would break the script Fixed instance count only going up to 10 (When there are multiple instances with the same name, Used to only go up to 10, Now it can go up to infinite) Fixed when guis are parented to your playergui, Its now LocalPlayer instead of your name UPDATE V1.0.3: Actually fixed the :FindFirstChild("YourName") instead of LocalPlayer Fixed Symbols breaking gui (Now are replaced with '', Applies to: %, $, ., (, ), -) Fixed TextButton and TextLabel missing properties. Fixed error you got when you didn't have a decompiler Fixed UIGradients UPDATE V1.0.4: Fixed the :FindFirstChild("YourName") instead of LocalPlayer AGAIN Fixed TextLabel & TextButton's properties not existing. Minor Update 13/5/2024: Changed getrawmetatable to getmetatable for more executors support. Update V1.0.5 (15/5/2024): Every executor support Removed script freezing your game if gui is too large (Now waits a frame per instance) Fixed ImageLabel, ImageButton, ScrollingFrame and UIStrokes Script now prints finished stealing gui! when done. Update V1.0.6: Fonts & Undeprecation Update! Added support for custom fonts that do not exist as Enum.Font. Deprecated Properties support. Update V1.0.7 (5/16/2024): Fixed error when instances are parented to nil.

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