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After seeing the positive impact my latest security-related release (the chat ban patch https://scriptblox.com/script/Universal-Script-Chat-ban-patch-4334) has had for many users that fell victim to Roblox's own vulnerabilities, I decided to take it a step further, and after a lot of time developing, testing, quality-assuring, and even risking my accounts in the process, I am happy to present: Guardian Guardian is my new release that is all about security and protection. It will protect users from Roblox/user-made malicious functions/scripts with real-time warnings of anything malicious that might be going on in the background (you can view it simply by pressing F9 to view the dev console). In there you will see what was blocked and a short description of what it actually is (and in later updates, maybe even an explanation as to why it's malicious!). Current things Guardian protects users from: 1. Universal: a. The Roblox chat ban patch (the same one from my previous release, now with improved speed and efficiency). b. Malicious namecalls - Guardian will protect users from Roblox services' methods that pose a risk of a security breach and/or the ability to do stuff on the player's computer outside of the client. This option is especially recommended for people with unprotected executors that do not block these methods by default. c. Anti log - Guardian will automatically prevent all logging attempts and disable any hidden webhook that may lie in sneaky scripts and will notify of the webhook link. d. Auto join - Guardian will automatically detect and disable any attempt to autojoin the user to any discord server and will notify of the invite link. 2. Game specific: a. Pet Simulator X - Guardian will protect users from running fake, malicious "dupe scripts", and notify you of the user trying to access the bank (name and ID) b. Mining Simulator 2 - Same as Pet Simulator X without the user and ID And that's not all! I figured it would be a good idea to let the user take the wheel and only use the features found necessary, so you can choose which things you want Guardian to monitor! Simply head over to options (line 3) and modify the configuration to your liking, it is completely customizable! (Note that all the options are enabled by default to protect non-developers and if you don't know what you're doing it's best to keep default settings) Please note that this is a very early version of this that focuses on the most serious issues, so I will be adding more stuff in future updates (this is especially true for the malicious namecalls part. In this version, I focused on the more destructive methods first that can result in RCE/ACE (remote/arbitrary code execution) vulnerabilities). This is NOWHERE near complete, so if you find any issues/bugs with it or have any suggestions for improvements and future patches, feel free to either reply here or DM me on discord (Hypernova#0721) and I will gladly add your feedback in a future update along with credits (if you'd like). This supports regular execution as well as autoexec, so if you care about staying safe, I recommend putting it in your autoexec folder. For anyone wondering, yes, that means I am ending support for the chat ban patch (in its original release), and instead will keep updating the one here as it was combined with the rest. CREDITS: https://v3rmillion.net/showthread.php?tid=1177803 - found most of the (extra) malicious namecalls here sol#0037 / https://scriptblox.com/u/sol_ - helped me quality assure design stuff and description, gave feedback during development, not blocking me after constant bugging for opinions on stuff (lol) Chaotic Mind#0666 / https://scriptblox.com/u/Chaotic_Mind - gave feedback during development TODO: 1. Malicious namecall index - DONE 2. Tooltips (?) 3. More patches CHANGELOG: v1.0.1: 1. Added anti log - suggested by https://scriptblox.com/u/Vinz 2. Added malicious namecall index v1.0.2: 1. Added anti autojoin - credits to Deducted#1625 for thinking about this idea first. He has given me permission to add it to Guardian. 2. Changed options to getgenv() to allow easier access for some of the options. Currently: AntiLog and AutoJoin. This means you won't have to re-execute the script to change these 2 options.

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