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Universal Script 📌

GanjaHub BestGu1 for PS1m

Universal Script 📌Uploaded bypsxtopduper0 psxtopduper0
3 months ago


--Auto Farm Tab • Infinite Pet Speed • Auto Farm • Auto Collect Coins/Lootbags/Diamonds/Items • Auto Use Ultimate • Auto Teleport To Best Area • Auto Buy Next Area • Auto Rebirth • Auto Use All Misc Items • Auto Use Breakable Sprinkler • Auto Use TNT • Auto Use TNT Crate --Egg Tab • Auto Open Egg • Disable Egg Animation • Auto Make Pets Gold - Premium • Auto Make Rainbow Gold - Premium --Auto Quest Tab • Auto Area Quest - Premium • Ignore Some Area Quest - Premium --Main Tab • Auto Claim Playtime Rewards • Auto Claim Rank Rewards • Auto Claim Daily Chest • Auto Claim Hidden Presents • Auto Pop Balloons • Auto Buy Merchants • Auto Buy Vending Machines --Automatic Tab • Auto Eat Fruits • Auto Use Buffs • Auto Use Potions • Auto Open All Gifts • Auto Combine All Keys • Auto Open All Chests • Auto Spin All Wheels • Auto Upgrade Potions - Premium • Auto Upgrade Enchants - Premium --Chest Tab • Open All Daily Chest • Break All Boss Chest --Minigames Tab • Enter to Obby (All Obby) • Finish the Obby (All Obby) • Auto Minifield • Auto Atlantis • Auto Fishing and Advanced Fishing • Auto Dig and Advanced Dig • Auto Dig Row Below (For Digsite) • Auto Farm Chest (For Digsite) • Chest ESP (For Digsite)

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What is the ui library called

3 months ago
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3 months ago
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