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Universal Script 📌

FFJ Stream Sniper Script

Universal Script 📌 Uploaded by drainer drainer
a month ago


This is a stream sniper script which basically finds a player in a specific place from all it's servers and teleports u to them if found. It's searching speed is like it scans 1,000+ players/s but it depends on roblox's response speed as well. Just enter a Username/User ID, Place ID/Select Current Place, Set a snipe order/Leave it as descending and click snipe. It uses avatars to find the player, so for example if you're sniping a player which is a default bacon avatar and no changes, it's gonna find the wrong player and will take you somewhere else instead. Almost every player has a different avatar if they just did a single modification on their avatar. 08.04.2024 Changelog: Added Search Speed drop-down, can be Normal or Fast, Fast is just 2x faster than normal. Can be useful to avoid crash, but if it still crashes and then it's surely executor issue. No thumbnail sorry.

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