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Universal Script 📌 Uploaded by vxsty vxsty
2 months ago


Many Commands, Cool Features, Extensions + Extensions API that helps users create extensions, Simple to use, Free, Keyless, Mobile Support, Some commands inf yield doesn't have, Auto save settings, File system that is smaller than 1KB, Speed & Jumppower anticheat bypass, Fly. Press RightShift to close/open ui on pc. This script was created by a solo dev (In 3 days), Expect some bugs. v1.0.1 Update: [+] Added 'animbuff' command, Which takes 1 arguement: x Animbuff makes your animations x times faster, For example: animbuff 10: Makes every animation played 10x faster (SERVERSIDED TOO!) [+] Fixed prefix bugs [+] Fixed text size bugs [+] Added a way for users to save extensions! 'How?' Heres an example code with explanations: _G.ExtensionAPI:SaveExtension('Image Test', "Testing if images work", 'imagetest.png', 'print("Hello World!")') 'Image Test' is the title of the extension, 'Testing if images work' is the description, 'imagetest.png' is the image path, This can also be a rbxassetid://. NOTE: imagetest.png means the image is ONLY in workspace, If the image is inside a folder do: FolderName/imagename.png. 'print("Hello World!")' is the code (What the extension should do) v1.0.2: Added instance clearing Whenever you rerun brick admin this script now fully shuts down any old running instance, It used to only destroy the gui now this disables all the previous toggles and deletes the gui Fixed time displayer Fixed script just not starting (Wave issue, readfile is currently bugged with wave.) v1.0.3: Added an external script (First line) for Wave users to have correct readfiles. [+] Added macros (BETA TESTING ATM!) [+] Fixed animbuff v1.0.35: Added Change Hide Bind setting which allows you to change which keybind to press to hide/show the gui! Fixed animations (Hopefully)

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