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2 months ago


Join https://discord.gg/gYhqMRBeZV This script helps you protect your key system from being easily bypassed with a few hooks. What this does: Takes a raw key (as input) and hashes it. function checkKey: Checks if a hashed version of the key is equal to the hashed target key (The key you're using for your key system) FAQ: How does this prevent hooks? It doesnt. It just makes your keys nearly impossible to get without doing whatever key system you're using, for example linkvertise. Is this secure? Yes! I'm updating this whenever i find any vulnerability How do i use this? First of all, Please DO NOT USE THIS RAW!! Use this in an obfuscated script, Do not just put the code and expect your key system to be safe!! If it is raw it can still be hooked. There are many methods to bypass key systems that I will not leak for privacy reasons. Okay, but HOW DO I ACTUALLY USE THIS?? First of all, the easiest step: Copy the code and paste it into your script. Change the 'rawKey' variable to whatever your key is. Second step: Do NOT use the raw checkKey function as it can be hooked and EASILY bypassed. Copy the code from inside it and put it into where ever you're using it. For example: KeyTextBox.FocusLost:Connect(function() if _LOCALCRYPT.hash('_SIGNED'..key)==updatedKey then print("Oh nice you got the key correct") else print("Key is incorrect.") end end) v1.0.1: Added basic Caesar Cipher encryption

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Why do we need an betterkeysystem for what?

2 months ago
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@yoan_hristov So your key system does not get bypassed with 3 hooks.

2 months ago
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Oh ok

2 months ago
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better key system its babavabava

20 days ago
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a day ago
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