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Universal Script 📌

Aimer X2

Universal Script 📌Uploaded byNectoVerse_Dev NectoVerse_Dev
2 months ago


Aimer X2 has manual aimbot activation. Other than its same as Aimer X (X1). After executing this script, only 1 out of 3 features will be auto activated. Auto-activated features: 1. Hitbox 2. N/A Manual-activated features: 1. Aimbot 2. ESP Note: We did not create the aimbot script. Aimbot credit is in the notification. Note 2: This script is great for mobile if Aimer X is giving trouble in mobile Note 3: Aimbot has some bugs, it may not aim the person you are aiming for. Note 01001110(Announcement): we will add an Q Tool that will aim he person you click on and will only work in FPS games only

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