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[UPDATE] Anime Defenders

Carti Hub

[UPDATE] Anime DefendersUploaded bySoru Soru
a month ago
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ANIME DEFENDERS MAIN : Webhook Rarity Select Auto Sell Auto Fuse TP To Lobby -------------------------------------------------------------------- FARM : Auto Join Highest Story :red_checkmark: Story / Inf Select :red_checkmark: Story Act Select :red_checkmark: Difficulty Select :red_checkmark: Start Delay :red_checkmark: Friends Only Mode :red_checkmark: Friends Only Mode :red_checkmark: Auto Join Map :red_checkmark: Auto Start -------------------------------------------------------------------- :73288animatedarrowred: CHALLENGE : :red_checkmark: Ignore Challenges :red_checkmark: Ignore Challenge Maps :red_checkmark: Select Required Drops :red_checkmark: Auto Join Challenge :red_checkmark: Friends Only Mode :red_checkmark: Auto Join Map -------------------------------------------------------------------- :73288animatedarrowred: RAID : :red_checkmark: Auto Raid :red_checkmark: Auto Join Friend :red_checkmark: Auto Buy Raid Shop's Item -------------------------------------------------------------------- :73288animatedarrowred: AUTO JOIN FRIEND : :red_checkmark: Friend's Display Name :red_checkmark: Auto Join Friend -------------------------------------------------------------------- :73288animatedarrowred: MISCELLANEOUS : :red_checkmark: Place Anywhere :red_checkmark: Auto Replay :red_checkmark: Delete Map :red_checkmark: Auto Leave :red_checkmark: Auto Next -------------------------------------------------------------------- :73288animatedarrowred: AUTO AT WAVE : :red_checkmark: Wave To Sell :red_checkmark: Auto Sell At Wave :red_checkmark: Auto Sell Farms At Wave :red_checkmark: Auto Sell Money Towers :red_checkmark: Leave At Wave :red_checkmark: Auto Leave At Wave :red_checkmark: Wave To Auto Upgrade :red_checkmark: Auto Upgrade At Wave -------------------------------------------------------------------- :73288animatedarrowred: AUTO UPGRADE : :red_checkmark: Unit 1-6 :red_checkmark: Upgrade Cap -------------------------------------------------------------------- :73288animatedarrowred: MACRO : :red_checkmark: Macro Select :red_checkmark: Create Macro :red_checkmark: Record Macro :red_checkmark: Import M :red_checkmark: Play Macro :red_checkmark: Step Delay :red_checkmark: Refresh Macro Dropdowns :red_checkmark: Delete Macro :red_checkmark: Macro Gamemode [ Story / Inf / Challenge / Raid ] -------------------------------------------------------------------- :73288animatedarrowred: SHOP : :red_checkmark: Auto Claim Quest :red_checkmark: Auto Trait Rerolling :red_checkmark: Auto Sell :red_checkmark: Auto Summon Sniper :red_checkmark: Disable Summoning Animation -------------------------------------------------------------------- SETTING : Built-in Anti Cheat Detection Leave After X Minutes Timer Leave Disable Carti Hub Animation Auto Load On TP Boost FPS Disable 3D Rendering Anonymous Mode Redeem All Codes GUI Settings Hide GUI Keybind Hide GUI Button

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