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[UPDATE + 4X] All Star Tower Defense
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[UPDATE + 4X] All Star Tower Defense Uploaded by Karmapanda Karmapanda
2 months ago
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|All Star Tower Defense| Main Auto Unit Buff Auto Extreme Auto 2x Speed Auto 3x Speed Auto Replay Auto Next Story/Next Room Mini Gui Hide Script Button Macro Profile Select Record Macro Playback Macro Previous Macro Step Next Macro Step Reset Macro Step New Name Macro Profile Create Macro Profile Delete Selected Macro Profile Clear Selected Macro Profile Data Recording Options Time Recording Offset Playback Options Money Tracking Playback Time Offset Magnitude Attempt Before Action Skip Action Skip Search Delay Macro Options Elapsed Time Mode (V1,V2) Summon Unit Sell Unit Upgrade Unit Unit Ability Auto Unit Ability Skip Wave Auto Skip Wave Auto Ability Blacklist Configuration Blacklisted Unit List Unit List Add Selected Unit From Unit list to Ability Blacklist Delete selected blacklisted unit from ability blacklist Lobby Auto Join Game Auto Evolve Exp Unit Auto Join Settings Delay Mode Story Level Trial Level (W1) Raid Level (W1) Bout Level (W1) Infinite Map Selection Adventure Map Selection Webhook Webhook Settings Webhook link Discord Id Ping User Test Webhook Wehbook Color Toggles Send Webhook on game end Send Webhook after exp evolve Advanced Settings Auto Unit Buffing Settings Units on the Buffing Mode Units list Buffing Mode Attack Buff Check Range Buff Check Unit Has Multiple Abilities Multiple Abilities Name Ability Time Cycle Units Post Loop Delay Add selected unit from unit list to auto buff Delete selected auto buff unit from auto buff Action Queue Settings Remote Action Delay Remote Refiring Refire Remote Pre Loop Delay Loop Delay Miscellaneous Game Settings Anti-AFK Disable 3D Rendering Hide Player Name World Teleports Teleport to World 1 Teleport to World 2 Reset Reset settings to default Auto Execute

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