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The Survival Game
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The Survival Game Uploaded by travis travis
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Currently the game named "The Survival Game" on Roblox only has skidded scripts for it, meanwhile Kya-Ware Private has been remaining its time even through the Byfron stages to make sure were the only script that has the most powerful features to provide you with for the game. You won't be seeing THAT much features due to it being revamped a lot because The Survival Game keeps updating their game and updating the anti-cheat, etc, etc. LocalPlayer Features: Speed (CFrame) JumpPower Fly Jesus (obviously walking on water) Infinite Stamina No Fall Dmage Anti Lava Anti Thorns 120 FOV ----------------------------------- Kill Aura Features: Kill Aura (obviously) Anti Hit Ignore Friends Slider for ranging Kill Aura ----------------------------------- Other Aura Features: Chop Aura Mine Aura Hunt Aura Tool ChopAura Slide Ranger Tool MineAura Slide Ranger Tool HuntAura Slide Ranger ----------------------------------- Combat Features: Fast Bow Big Hitboxes No Titan Sword Damage ----------------------------------- Farm Features: Farm Shingles (10 Wood Required) ----------------------------------- Auto Build Features: Row of Campfires Penis (we are looking to make it so you can make your own preset for mansions, basically any type of build :p) ----------------------------------- Boat Features: Get Random Boat Boat Teleport To MainIsland Boat Teleport To Desert Boat Teleport To Jungle Boat Teleport To Volcano Boat Hover/Speed Toggle Button Set Waypoint 1 Set Waypoint 2 Go to Waypoint 1 Go to Waypoint 2 ----------------------------------- Miscellaneous Features: Set Day Time Set Night Time Stop Rain No Fog Fake Admin Armor Escape Current Jail Cell No Bow Slowdown ----------------------------------- Themes: Just custom themes the UI Library will provide you with. ----------------------------------- Configurations: Configurations that will allow you to use another players settings, there will be a channel for this in the Kya-Ware Discord Server in the pretty near future. That's all I need to say, if words didn't help you enough with Kya-Ware Private, hopefully this showcase video will help you a lot more on what Private offers you. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL6KJukX6As Kya-Ware Discord Server: https://discord.gg/kyaware

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