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Features: =Everything as displayed on screenshots + A couple more if you scroll down in Settings (Related to character appearance) = It has a Config system, which can be edited manually, if user wishes to. Explanation is saved as TXT = Dynamically/relatively written (meaning a lot of the features auto update) = Feedback section is the only webhook in this script, you can use httpspy/blocker if you aren't comfortable. Make sure httpget and loadstrings work though, these are essential to getting and loading the GUI. = Emergency reset (Untoggle ALL) is another QoL feature. = Along with playerlist and wallslide. = Powerful coin calculator (all items are counted) = The tracker also comes in handy (It is superior to any tracker currently out there as it tracks everything regardless of whether it's loaded or not) = A bit of toggles and sliders for farming and many more for combat => Some of the features only work when script is placed inside autoexec (autoexecution) folder of your exploit. Also recommended to add "!!!" before script name, like "!!!_TLGUI.luau" for better effect. => Some of the features only work on certain executors like SYNAPSE X THANKS TO deuces#1961 FOR NEW LOADSTRING

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