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RMA Chat Bot [Premium Version] v3.201

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The game is back, and I don't want it to go unnoticed. For a limited time, I am offering this script COMPLETELY keyless! Feel free to share it, use it, and repost it (with credits of course). Features: Anyone in the server can use the commands unless they are blacklisted Has built in cooldown so spam isn't a worry Useful, fun, chaotic, and well made commands means that not only you get to have fun, but the entire server does. As well, it has a elegant idle animation that it plays when no body is using commands. Upon loading in the script, it will play a other animation. Known Issues: People using commands too quickly will cause commands to close from the booth too quickly. There isn't much I can do about this. Upon executing the script, you will lag for a bit. This is just to avoid people stealing my code, and it is nothing to worry about. If AutoClaimBooth is set to true, you will experience noticeable FPS loss until a booth is claimed. Sorry about this one! Commands only you can use: '!bl username here, case sensitive' -- Removes their command access '!wl username here, case sensitive' -- Gives back their command access For '!bl' and '!wl' you can also use "all" instead of a username to affect everyone in your server. '!kick your username here' -- Kicks you (only works on you) '!goback' -- Hopefully brings you back to your booth, still testing this out. Commands that everyone can use: '!catfact' <-- Displays a cat fact '!dogfact' <-- Displays a dog fact '!messagecounter' <-- Displays the amount of messages '!5stars' <-- Automatically rates you 5 stars '!blacklist' <-- [ADD USERNAME AFTER] blacklists that user from the booth '!unblacklist' <-- [ADD USERNAME AFTER] unblacklists that user from the booth '!talk' <-- [Add Something In Quotation Marks After!] forces me, the player, to say whatever you want '!fling' <-- flings me :( '!text' <-- [Add Something In Quotation Marks After!] Makes the booth say whatever you say! '!bring' <-- Brings my character to you '!knight' <-- Gives me knight! '!8ball' <-- Use the magic 8ball '!abandon' <-- Abandons the booth :( '!random' <-- Gives you a random number I-IOOO '!quote' <-- Gives you a famous quote '!getinfo' <-- [ADD USERNAME AFTER] Displays all the information I can '!ping' <-- Pong! Dislpays my current ping '!playercount' <-- Lets you know how many people are in the server '!info' <-- Gives you some useful information '!relocate' <-- Checks if there's any available booths then switches to it

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