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Rainbow Friends

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Rainbow Friends - THE #1 FREE AUTO FARM GUI !

Rainbow Friends Uploaded by Real_King Real_King
2 years ago
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Rainbow Friends | THE #1 FREE AUTO FARM GUI ! Features : [•] Enable Jumping [Built-In] [•] Anti-Afk [Built-In] [•] Auto Farm [•] FPS Boost [•] God Mode [•] Open All Doors [•] Spam Crouch [•] Spam Equip Box [•] Walk Speed [•] Jump Power [•] Field of View [•] No Clip [•] Infinite Jump [•] Bunny Hop [•] Fly [•] ESP (Boxes , Names , Rainbow Color) [•] Monster ESP [•] Items ESP [•] Face Camera [•] Players Highlight [•] Change Monster ESP Color [•] Change Items ESP Color [•] Full Bright [•] Rejoin [•] Server Browser [•] Configs Credits : - Real King#0001 (Main Developer) - madonchik123#6466 (Main Developer) report any bug or detected feature : Real King#0001 or https://discord.gg/f5PbMjMbaj

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Rainbow Friends
rainbow friends
rainbow friends auto farm gui
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