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[RELEASE] Anime Odyssey Simulator
Key System

Best Auto Farm

[RELEASE] Anime Odyssey SimulatorUploaded byOhMyGehlee OhMyGehlee
2 months ago
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[+] [RELEASE] Anime Odyssey Simulator Features Auto Farm Selected Enemies Auto Farm Methods Auto Farm Randomly Auto Set Flag / Auto Attack Auto Equip Best Pet Auto Open Eggs x1 and x3 Auto Open Chest [All Chest] Auto Collect Anti AFK Server Hop

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trash script

2 months ago
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cool script!

2 months ago
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Key system is not mobile friendly, everytime im trying to go through checkpoints it loads the current tab into an ad which would make me re-do it all again.

a month ago
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This script's key system is at https://lootdest.com/s?q7t0. If you don't recognize the link it is advised to practice extreme caution, as it is your responsibility to ensure your device's safety. Would you like to proceed?