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๐Ÿพ Pet Catchers! [RELEASE]

Idiot Hub

๐Ÿพ Pet Catchers! [RELEASE] Uploaded by SomeRandomIdiot SomeRandomIdiot
a month ago
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**Welcome to Idiot Hub!** Our hub enhances your gaming experience with powerful features: **Auto Features:** - Auto Catch Pets: Effortlessly capture pets. - Auto Hatch: Never miss hatching opportunities. - Auto Delete: Keep inventory clutter-free. - Auto King Slime & Kraken: Defeat bosses effortlessly. - Auto Fish: Reel in your catches without lifting a finger. - Auto Merchant with Selection: Trade hassle-free with customizable options. - Auto Mob with Types: Handle various mob behaviors effortlessly. - Auto Dig v2: Dig with no lag, ensuring smooth gameplay. **Convenience Features:** - Auto Crafting: Streamline crafting processes. **Safety and Accessibility:** - God Mode: Stay invincible. - Auto Shrines: Collect rewards instantly. - Mobile Friendly: Enjoy gameplay on the go. - Multiple Teleports: Navigate seamlessly. - Anti AFK: Stay active forever. Join our Discord to explore additional features and engage with the community! Idiot Hub evolves with your gaming journey.

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