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Noobs vs Zombies Tycoon 2

Damage Editor

Noobs vs Zombies Tycoon 2 Uploaded by CatAutism CatAutism
2 years ago
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Multiplies the amount of damage to every weapon of yours. Since modding takes time, multiplying it up to 26 may take a few minutes, going even further for the multiplier to minutes or hours. Execute in game, not Lobby. Change the 26 to your preferred number. ORIGINAL THREAD: https://v3rmillion.net/showthread.php?tid=1139080 There are known issues: Buying things as Leader may take up ALL of your money, since you bought 26 of them. Guns may generate ALOT of smoke, chewing all of your frames. Donating/depositing in bank DEPOSITS and DONATES all of your money. Be wary of this!

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