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Murder Mystery 2

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Murder Mystery 2 Uploaded by fhl1h fhl1h
2 years ago
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All Esp - Names above all players ➤Esp Murderer Only - Esp of just the Murderer ➤Esp Sheriff Only - Esp of just the Sheriff ➤All Cham - Bodies of all players ➤Cham Murderer Only - Chams of just the Murderer ➤Cham Sheriff Only - Chams of just the Sheriff ➤Cham Coins - Chams of the coins on the map ➤Cham Opacity (%) - Percent of how transparent the Chams should be ➤Gun Esp - Esp of the Gun Drop ➤Instant Role Notify - Shows you your role before the role selector ends ➤See Dead Chat - See what people say when they are dead ➤Loop All Interact - Interacts with all interactables (doors) on the map ➤Mute Other Radios - Mutes all other radios, only for you ➤Auto Play Id - Plays the given Id when the next round starts, needs radio ➤Play Id - rbxassetid to play when the next round starts ➤Show Sprint Trail - Shows FE haste sprint trail ➤Infinite Ghost - Keeps you ghosted forever, need the Ghost perk ➤Toggle Shift Run - Hold Shift or Control to run faster ➤God Mode - Makes you invincible, cannot use gun or knife, cannot reset ➤Invisible - Makes you invisible, same pros and cons as God Mode ➤X-Ray - Makes all walls see-through ➤Remove Barriers - Removes all glitch barriers in lobby and map ➤Unlock Camera - Lets you go into 3rd person in Hardcore ➤Blurt Roles - Say roles of murderer and sheriff in chat when round starts ➤Void Protection - Prevents you from dying in the void ➤View Coins - View a persons coins ➤View Tokens - View a persons snow tokens ➤Lag Server - Need Xbox knife, may not work 100% of the time ➤Crash Murderer - Throw murderer into the void, NOT 100% SUCCESS ➤Crash Player - Throw player into the void, NOT 100% SUCCESS ➤Bring Player - Bring player to you, NOT 100% SUCCESS ➤View Dropped Gun - Spectate the gun drop ➤Auto Grab Gun - Automatically teleport to the gun when the murderer isn't near ➤Grab Gun - Manually grab the gun ➤Silent Aim - Shooting will automatically aim at the murderer ➤Shoot Murd - Teleport behind murderer and shoot them ➤Sharp Shooter - Removes gun spread and randomness ➤Kill All - Kills everyone ➤Kill Player Aura - Anyone close to you will automatically be killed ➤Kill Aura Range - The range to kill people ➤Whitelist Player - Prevent a player from being hurt by your hacks ➤Teleport Lobby - Teleports to the lobby ➤Teleport Voting Room - Teleports to the voting room ➤Teleport Map - Teleports to the map ➤Teleport Above Map - Teleports above the map ➤Teleport Sheriff - Teleports to the sheriff ➤Teleport Murderer - Teleports to the murderer ➤TP to Player - Teleport to a player ➤View Sheriff - Spectate the sheriff ➤View Murderer - Spectate the murderer ➤View Player - Spectate a player ➤Stop Spectating - Stop the current spectation ➤Rejoin - Rejoin to this same server and execute the hub again ➤Switch Servers - Will find another server and teleport you there ➤Sit - Use the sit emote ➤Ninja - Use the ninja emote ➤Dab - Use the dab emote ➤Floss - Use the floss emote ➤Zen - Use the zen emote ➤Zombie - Use the zombie emote ➤Headless - Use the headless emote ➤Seizure - Spam emotes to look like you are having a seizure ➤Autofarm God Mode - Automatically enter god mode when the round starts ➤Auto Item Unbox - Automatically unbox the set crate ➤Coin Auto Farm - Automatically collect coins using our autofarm v2 ➤XP Farm - Kill all if murderer, shoot murd if sheriff, and crash murd if innocent ➤TP When Done/Lobby - When done with all farming, teleport away to prevent suspicion ➤Only God When Inno - Only automatically god mode when you are innocent ➤Autofarm Efficiency Mode - Sacrafices concealability for efficiency, good for alts ➤Unbox Crate - The crate to unbox with auto item unbox ➤Invis When God Mode - Go invisible when autofarm god mode is on ➤XP Troll Mode - Say stuff like 'loser', and 'ur bad' when the round ends ➤Autofarm Speed - Speed of coin farm, 7 may get you kicked

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