Murder Mystery 2

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* This script is mine, I hope to add more features by tmr and release a v1.2 * NOTE: I have a Gui Prompt before the script executes and it asks if I can log your execution, this means I only log the game name and nothing else, I will never invade your privacy. I have a DENY button too, click it if you don't want anything to be logged. * These logs can be found in the discord server linked with the script since they show no personal information, just the game name, I wanted a way to keep track of how many people actually use my scripts --[ Combat ]-- [+] Kill Sheriff [+] Kill All [+] Knife Aura [+] Knife Range [+] Shoot Murderer [+] Shoot Player [+] Silent Aim --[ Main ]-- [+] Pickup Gun [+] Invisible [+] GodMode [+] Expose Roles [+] Get Gun // This will clone the Gun inside the Sheriffs Backpack [Perfect For trolling] [+] Get Knife // This will clone the Knife inside the Murderers Backpack [Perfect For trolling] [+] Loop Get Emotes [+] View Murderer [+] View Sheriff [+] View Player [+] Stop Viewing --[ Toggles ]-- [+] Noclip [+] Xray [+] Auto Grab Gun [+] Sprint Trail [+] Spam Trade Everyone [+] Loop Interactive [+] Remove Barriers [+] Auto Panic // Teleports to Lobby depending on the Distance Set [+] Distance --[ LocalPlayer ]-- [+] WalkSpeed [+] JumpPower [+] Infinite Jump [+] Innocent Esp [+] Murderer Esp [+] Sheriff Esp [+] FPS Boost [Not Mine, Credits to Rip!] --[ Teleports ]-- [+] Teleport to Lobby [+] Teleport to Map [+] Teleport to Murderer [+] Teleport to Sheriff [+] Teleport to Player --[ AutoFarm [BETA] ]-- [+] Coin AutoFarm [CFrame, Option to Choose Tweening Soon!] [+] Teleport to Lobby on Full [+] Coin Delay [+] Crate AutoFarm [+] Crate Selection --[ Settings ]-- [+] Copy Discord Server [+] Owner Copy Username [+] Version [v1.1] * This script is mine, I hope to add more features by tmr and release a v1.2

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