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Kohls Admin House NBC [Updated]

Shortcut v3 latest SCV3 VAR

Kohls Admin House NBC [Updated] Uploaded by Tech Tech
14 days ago
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Supports KAH NBC, KAH BC and KAH NP PURCHASE HERE https://discord.gg/NcWBtB76aW My Discord user: @techq My Roblox user: @t_echr DMS ARE OPEN IF YOU'RE IN THE SERVER You can ask me pretty much any question and I'd love to answer them. I know this script has been out for nearly over a year now but I've decided to release it on scriptblox now. SC or SC related scripts have had a very good reputation over the past few years. This script costs only 300 robux. The exact same price as both of the gamepasses in KAH. There are people out there that actually don't understand why this costs 300 robux but the price is entirely fair. Can't even think of a counterargument here besides broke boi issues. A lot of things in this script are quite advanced so it's recommended that you atleast have common sense and know how the game works as your hand isn't just being held all the time. Person299's admin is HIGHLY recommended for this script but it is not actually necessary. I'm listing down below what commands need it. Anything with a [P299] tag next to it *would* require the gamepass https://www.roblox.com/game-pass/35748/Person299s-Admin (person299's admin gamepass. Very useful gamepass to have if you're exploiting) This script is EXTREMELY customizable. I dropped my own settings in our discord server, you can use them as a reference. This script does not have a native GUI. Just an altered playerlist, though it does have additional GUIs for certain commands like the editor or the build GUI. Announcement/settings UI counting too but whatever The script has no prefix UNLESS SPECIFIED. I'm capitalizing that as people nowadays ain't reading that and keep asking me how this works, so please. Carefully look at the commands list at which commands have a special prefix. Usually the prefixes can be changed though. Depends on what the command actually is (settings related stuff always use "v!") Script contains * Server crashes, silent or vampire method. Although vampire crashing isn't recommended anymore as an exploiter, it's there. * [P299]Player crashes/kicks, a couple of different ways to fry someones client, if not everyones client at once (yeah I love the dog kick) * Ways to blacklist people, basically what CMD/CMD-Y has but a bit more advanced * Custom blacklists, this is quite advanced but you can have it run custom commands whenever the target joins or rejoins the server with cban. You have to add the commands you want it to use in your workspace folder. * Altered slock, server lock but uses the altered punish to punish everyone. Run this and you will have a server full of everyone crying at a black screen. This bypasses perm for the most part (unlike CMD-Y's) * Altered punish, Kohl's punish command but it's glitched so you can't reset out of it. * gearban, It's just the cage method but automated. Nothing special * padgrabbers, if you don't have any gamepasses, it will grab pads for you. You can also loopgrab all pads which means nobody except for other people bruteforcing the pads (/e dance3 method works without exploits) would be able to get a pad * nok, no obby kill. Every script in the world has this, just removes the touchinterest from all the obby bricks. * chatcontrol, This is funny. It just allows you to make other people chat but using the h and m command as you can use linebreaks with them. Yeah if you're somewhat of a smart fella then you'd know how that works without ever even touching the game. * laggers, one way to absolutely lag the server. There is also a lagger that works without admin but it's the skidded updateplayerblocklist method which is not even effective anymore now in 2024. * paint commands. Either fix the messed up paint (or colors that some of the other gears alter like the subspace tripmine) * map retexturing, it's just gear stuff. Either turn everything to stone or make it as smooth as smooth could sail ;-) * map movers, Just like what CMD-Y has, you can move parts around with the btools. They're just refered to as "movetools" in this script. * findsound/findtool, this just uses the Roblox API to find a song or gear on the spot. I love it, however most gears have their names without spaces in them like "PaintBucket" or "AnAlpacaYouKnow" so keep that in mind when searching for them. * permcheck, check who is perm in the server. This tells you in what game the target bought their perm or person299's admin from as BC perm and BC persons works in NBC as well. * regen moving, yeah this is mostly for people that don't have any gamepasses as you don't want to be fighting an exploiter that has both passes when you have none. However if you move the regen then you're immune to getting blacklisted (unless you're somehow stupid enough to regen while punished) * musiclock, This locks the current song and it even remembers an estimated time pos that the song was at so if someone clears it then it just goes right back to the second the song was at. Handy! * pitch, Server sided pitch changer. I am magic. * fixfilter, This removes the stupid thing where Roblox tags a perfectly ordinary message for no reason because you possibly said something that triggered this state. * borderless logs, The in-game kohls logs but with their borders removed. If someone has a long sentence where they're swearing like crazy, you could use this to see their entire message. * command blacklisting, advanced and not really recommended but you can blacklist certain commands at will. Anyone who uses a blacklisted command will trigger a response from your client that you set in your workspace folder. * [P299]loadbuild, basically allows you to load models from the creator marketplace using person299's part commands. Basically server sided btools * admingiver, You can whitelist people and allow them to use some of your commands when they don't have your script * headsit, I know I wasn't gonna list pointless commands but this one is cool. It uses kohls commands to sit on someones head and is server sided so there is no delay of someone floating after another player. Creative use of welds * gchar, Better charing. Inspired from KohlsLite and Adonis admin There are a lot more commands that are unique and useful but I have decided which ones I'd put on this list. Upon buying this script, look at the commands list for more. Carefully look at the commands list as some have a different prefix like v!spam (command) and v!stop KAH BC Exclusive r6 - Switch to R6 r15 - Switch to R15 silent antis There are a couple of silent antis which don't use kohls commands. These are technically universal things antiblind antimessage antirocket antispeed antisetgrav anticlone antinoclip touchkill (technically not an anti but it's one of the things in this section) antis These are not silent and use game commands. antikill antipunish antidog antijail antiAR Customization wise, we have start-up commands. You can use v!createstartups to add the files to your workspace folder. v!setpermban [l (default), n (dog kick), r (rkick), ignore (-lock), c (custom. Make custom ban in the myvarblacklists folder.)] v!resetsettings - This will reset your settings back to default. Note: This does not affect custom commands v!renamecmd (cmd) - Rename a script command v!editor, make your own commands. There is full functionality for players example command name "test" commands in the field kill player wait1 reset player wait1.5 h testing waits work too, just without spaces in the format that you see above. waits also works in the start-up commands file, as well as in your custom commands blacklist files and of course the keybindeditor v!keybindeditor, it's the same as the regular editor but allows you to add custom keybinds that run commands when you press them (PC Only) We have a build GUI that comes with many builds that you can use or load onto the server, as well as full backwards compatibility for any of the older official SC scripts. (SCV1, SCV2 & BP299) We have absolutely NO native start-up commands so people with FE chatlogs won't be able to log your execution We technically do have the best form of anticrash but these are done by hand so you have to manually do something if you know that someone is about to silent crash BP299 has an amazing gear blacklist system (please use that script along with SCV3-VAR in autoexec) Thank you for reading through this. If you consider buying this script then feel free to ask any question related to this script. This is how most people get through the advanced stuff. I'm not actively exploiting anymore but I can still help as I don't have the memory of a goldfish so it's unlikely that I'm giving the wrong advice related to this script. I actively get on the game though, just not always with the script. If you find me in the game, feel free to ask me questions too :) (our sale notes from our discord server) SCV3-VAR is like a live-service script, it's obfuscated but gets updated and maintained all the time. There are other scripts out there that are pretty good as well, however this script isn't really meant to compete with anything but it's rather meant to be its own thing. (Though the ahead of competition text when you find the link is a joke) People just say this script is good because SC had been reputable for over the past 3 years (Even though the game isn't active anymore) What makes my "paid" obfuscated script stand out? > * Overpowered features, being able to crash everyones clients on the spot if you really wanted to > * Extreme customizability, mostly the settings, you can make it look like a script you made if you really wanted to > * No logs nor webhook logs, meaning you have nearly full privacy (I say nearly because our table got dumped before and it revealed all whitelisted users, but this is not really something that concerning to the average person so whatever) > * No watermarks nor backdoors. Pretty much a lot of paid or obfuscated scripts in general have backdoors in them that give the creators or friends of the creators an advantage, in this case it's not present in my script. > > Basically it's your best bet if you can't script/code and want a good script for KAH. > Yeah I'm not gonna make scripts for other Roblox games since I don't really like Roblox that much. I'd rather do other things but we'll see

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