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[DYNAMIC ICE + REVAMPS] Fairy Tail: Magic Brawl

Autofarm Gui OP

[DYNAMIC ICE + REVAMPS] Fairy Tail: Magic BrawlUploaded byBlobbyTea BlobbyTea
3 months ago
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~Features~ Potions - Gives various potions most broken is health potion. CAN BE SPAMMED Godmode - Whenever you take damage it uses a health potion. Autofarm - Not Fixed Autolevel - Teleports you outside map and spams exp potions on you getting you to the level cap of 100 (IT TAKES TIME

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Btw this is not my script this script is so old, this game has a terrible Anti-Cheat.

3 months ago
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Also another thing the auto level CAN bug.

3 months ago
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Doesn't work

2 months ago
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