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Currently Best GUI (with auto skip) [SPEEDRUN VERSION]

DOORS 👁️ Uploaded by theasdas theasdas
2 years ago
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Made By: sashaaaaa#5351 https://github.com/centerepic/script-host Last update check: 07/09/2022 Last update from creator: 05/09/2022 "SPEEDRUN EDITION" IS NOT YET AUTOPILOT (YOU NEED TO FINISH MANUALLY) I've just tested the speed run version and on door 100 it keeps teleporting nonstop, I recommend for you to do room 100 manually: for those who never played, on door 100: 1. Turn off autoskip level, grab key if possible (if not NP) 2. If you can't go to the door, either click "skip level" and wait for teleport, or just use noclip to go to the door with the mini-game. 3. turn on always win heartbeat if you'll complete it normally without noclip (and opening the door where the figure or whatever is), for the minigame: keep pressing "Complete breaker box minigame" every second until it's finished 3.5. LOAD INFINITE YIELD 4. Use "fly" and "noclip" (with infinite yield) and go to the elevator after you've completed the breaker game -> game ended 4.5. AVOID THE FIGURE, GO TO THE SIDE, DO NOT GO THROUGH HIM EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T OPEN THE DOOR, he may kill you because of the hitbox, you can risk it but I don't recommend you to ======================================== ======================================== Functions list: Auto saves configuration Key Chams Book Chams Figure Chams No seek arms/obstructions Instant Interact Skip [current] Level Auto skip level [until level 100, takes around 2ish minutes - tested multiple times] No Jumpscares [not a toggle I think] Avoid Rush/Ambush No Screech Always win heartbeat game Predict chases Notify when mob spawns Complete breaker box minigame Skip Level 50 [APPARENTLY DOESN'T WORK, USE AUTO SKIP OR TRY SKIP BUTTON INSTEAD] Character speed editor Headlight (more brightness) (He got most of his ideas from the v3rmillion thread by OminousVibes) Reminder: Made By sashaaaaa#5351 https://github.com/centerepic/script-host

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