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Breaking Point

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Verified Script
Breaklng Plus [Autofarm, Lag Server & more]

Breaking PointUploaded byNaikoExploits NaikoExploits
3 months ago
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You can Autofarm to get a lot of credits, Full bright to see enemies in the dark, Lag server if you want to destroy the server, Spam loud sounds to annoy the server, Open unobtainable items and much more! The script will automaticly server hop you if the server doesn't have a lot of players. Note : this script will automaticly execute itself when changing server so you don't have to worry about executing it again (this will stop when roblox is closed) If you are experiencing a bug or something not working correctly then join the discord to get help and fix it

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Good for farming creditz without doing anything although no knife cheats only gun modes

a month ago
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yo somebody help

15 days ago
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What do you need help with @kemahrishaw062 ?

15 days ago
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i dont have a executer

15 days ago
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@kemahrishaw062 try solara or delta

9 days ago
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