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W Azure True V2

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2 months ago
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I didn't make this script This is just reupload All information of w-azure: https://w-azure.gitbook.io/ Main Features: True v2 (Main) + Farm bone, Fam katakuri, Fam Mastery Sword, Gun, Mele, DF. + Get Cyborg vs Ghoul up all races v3. + Fight bosses rip_indra, Dough King, Soul Reaper, There is a private server to join. + Select boss, get CDK, Soul Guitar,... OneClick (Kaitun) + Helps you Farm level after a sleep and automatically get CDK, GHM,... Auto Bounty + Helps you hunt for Bounty very easily, just hang it and it will be 30m away. + How quickly do you request a good Config? If you get a config like ****, don't blame the script. Auto Sea Event + Help you find Leviathan, Terror Shark,... + There is a Kitsune Island Server. Auto Race V4 (Premium) + Helps you get Race V4 very easily with Auto Trial, Tp Gear and has a separate channel to find servers with Full moon and Mirage. Discord Server: https://discord.com/invite/w-azure Premium: https://thetakenisland.xyz/ Supported Executers: Arceus (some people will have problem joining raid) Hydrogen Trigon Krampus (works best)

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на solara не работает):

2 months ago
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You can check the executors supported by the script on the discord server: Arceus (some people will have problem joining raid) hydrogen trigon krampus (works best)

2 months ago
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Cómo descargo

12 days ago
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Auto Sea Event
Auto Bounty
OneClick Kaitun
Fight bosses