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Blade Ball

Op Auto parry & More

Blade Ball Uploaded by ShinyClub_Crip ShinyClub_Crip
a month ago
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This might be the most op script, sometimes you may not win, winning is not guaranteed! Bonus script, auto parry to stack it. -- // https://t.me/arceusxscripts \\ -- local Debug = false -- Set this to true if you want my debug output. local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage") local Players = game:GetService("Players") local Player = Players.LocalPlayer or Players.PlayerAdded:Wait() local Remotes = ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Remotes", 9e9) -- A second argument in waitforchild what could it mean? local Balls = workspace:WaitForChild("Balls", 9e9) -- Functions local function print(...) -- Debug print. if Debug then warn(...) end end local function VerifyBall(Ball) -- Returns nil if the ball isn't a valid projectile; true if it's the right ball. if typeof(Ball) == "Instance" and Ball:IsA("BasePart") and Ball:IsDescendantOf(Balls) and Ball:GetAttribute("realBall") == true then return true end end local function IsTarget() -- Returns true if we are the current target. return (Player.Character and Player.Character:FindFirstChild("Highlight")) end local function Parry() -- Parries. Remotes:WaitForChild("ParryButtonPress"):Fire() end -- The actual code Balls.ChildAdded:Connect(function(Ball) if not VerifyBall(Ball) then return end print(`Ball Spawned: {Ball}`) local OldPosition = Ball.Position local OldTick = tick() Ball:GetPropertyChangedSignal("Position"):Connect(function() if IsTarget() then -- No need to do the math if we're not being attacked. local Distance = (Ball.Position - workspace.CurrentCamera.Focus.Position).Magnitude local Velocity = (OldPosition - Ball.Position).Magnitude -- Fix for .Velocity not working. Yes I got the lowest possible grade in accuplacer math. print(`Distance: {Distance}\nVelocity: {Velocity}\nTime: {Distance / Velocity}`) if (Distance / Velocity) <= 10 then -- Sorry for the magic number. This just works. No, you don't get a slider for this because it's 2am. Parry() end end if (tick() - OldTick >= 1/60) then -- Don't want it to update too quickly because my velocity implementation is aids. Yes, I tried Ball.Velocity. No, it didn't work. OldTick = tick() OldPosition = Ball.Position end end) end)

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