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Bee Swarm Simulator
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Bee Swarm Simulator Uploaded by wuxulin4 wuxulin4
2 months ago
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REQUIRE KEY BY HWID key link in script blox isnt the key link u have to execute the script then copy the key link -- MAIN AUTO FARM -- Auto Farm, Auto Dig, Walkspeed, Auto Sprinkler, Face Tide, Face Fire, Farm Sprout, Farm Guiding Field, Farm Field Boost, Farm Duped Token, Farm Fuzzy Bomb, Farm meteor shower (If spawned) etc. there's alot more -- PUFFSHROOM -- Pick puffshroom level and rareity puffshroom farm etc -- PLANTER FUNCTIONS -- Auto harvest planter and auto plant -- COMBAT SECTION -- Auto kill vicious, auto find vicious, auto kill rogue windy bee, auto find rogue windy bee, auto kill crab, auto kill commando chick, auto mondo, king beetle, tunnel bear -- LOCAL PLAYER -- Walkspeed Changer, TP To NPC, Field or bear, Equip Mask (require owned) -- SETTINGS -- Auto Save config, Change how much to go hive to convert, instant tp to shower or coconut, equip honey mask when converting (Must own honey mask) ( I DONT OWN THE SCRIPT ) Enjoy!

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bee swarm simulator
bee swarm


This script's key system is at https://www.roblox.com/games/1537690962/Bee-Swarm-Simulator. If you don't recognize the link it is advised to practice extreme caution, as it is your responsibility to ensure your device's safety. Would you like to proceed?