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Script Ware

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Script Ware

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Script-Ware, Synapse's main competitor, is also making exciting changes! They plan to release a new version called v3, just like Synapse, and switch to a subscription model. While we don't have specific information about their pricing before the release of Byfron, Script-Ware has a lot in store for their future subscription models. Get ready for some awesome updates! One of the coolest things about Script-Ware was its reputation as the fastest-updating paid exploit. Plus, they didn't forget about Mac users! They offer special products designed specifically for exploiting on Mac systems. But here's something even more amazing: Script-Ware supports multiple platforms! That means they've got you covered, whether you're on a computer or using an iOS device, and they even have a free iOS exploit! We can't wait to see what Script-Ware has in store for us next. They're constantly working to provide an amazing experience for users like you, no matter what platform you're on. Stay tuned for more updates from Script-Ware as they continue to innovate and bring you exciting new features! If any part of the information above is outdated and needs to be changed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Thunder Mods#0001 after joining ScriptBlox's official Discord. I don’t check my friend requests, but I surely check every message request and respond accordingly.